Aviation technics

Delivery, repair, modernization and trainings


Fighters and ground attack aircraft of the families of MiG-21 MiG-23 MiG-29 Su-22 Su-25;

Helicopters of the families of Mi - Mi-2, Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24, Mi-171;

Two and single sitters aircraft of the families of MiG-21, MiG-23UB, Su-22UM3K, L-39ZA;

Full range of spare parts, expendable items for combat and transport aircraft;

Aircraft engines and auxiliary power units for aircraft of the families of MiG, Su, AN, IAK, and also for the helicopters of the families of MI and KA;

Expenditures, fuel and lubricants, tires, brake packages, etc. for all types of aviation technics;

Survival, stabilizing and braking parachutes - east and west European production;

Helicopter reduction gears, main rotor blades, tale rotor blades for helicopters of the families of MI and KA;

Ground equipment for operation and maintenance of the above aviation technics;

Technical, operational and maintenance documentation necessary for maintenance, operation and repair of various types of aviation technics, including the ground equipment.



Overhaul (capital), intermediate, transitional, and repair under condition of:

- Aircraft of the families of MiG, Su, AN, L;
- Helicopters of the Mi familie;
- Jet and turbo-prop engines for aircraft and helicopters, piston aircraft engines;
- Helicopter reduction gears BP-2, BP-8, BP-14, BP-24 and others.

Life and time between overhaul life extension the aviation technics, together with the designer bureaus and the repair workshops.

Warranty and after warranty service of the equipment repaired.

Technical support for the operation of repaired aviation equipment with spare parts, documentation, expendables, highly qualified professionals.



Navigation and communication equipment for aircraft L-39 different modifications in accordance with the requirements of ICAO, customer requirements and in accordance with the tasks to be tackled during the flight.

Flight data recorder for aircraft of the families of L-39, MiG and Su. Replacement of the flight data recorder system SARPP-12 with a new one with a larger quantity of registered parameters, possibility of reporting the results of a portable or desktop computer, a digital recording of the indications of the parameters without the use of photographic film.

Optical target acquisition equipment of the MiG aircraft families.

Removable armement of the families of MiG, Su and L aircraft.

Navigational and optical target acquisition equipment for helicopters of the type of Mi-24, capable of carrying out day and night flights,  opening fire on targets in simple and complex weather conditions, day and night.


Training of maintainers of aircraft L-39, MiG-21, MiG-23, Mi29, Su-22, Su-25, helicopters Mi-8/17, Mi-24 and others.
Basic training of cadets, beginner pilots with varying skills and experience, and also experienced pilots to the level of flight instructors.

Training of the staff to work with flight simulators, courses for training and retraining of instructors to work with aviation simulators.

Other products

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