About us

“Jotov&Son” Ltd. was established in 1991. The main company activity is foreign trade - both defence and civil products.

The Managers are Angel Yotov and Ivaylo Yotov. Given the qualification of Ivaylo Yotov (engineer and economist), graduated at the Aircraft Technical University of Riga and the Latvian Institute for Social Technologies, as well as the capabilities of the qualified staff, the company is specialized in the supply, repair and maintenance of aviation equipment.

Company “Jotov&Son” Ltd. has official representatives and agency agreements signed with foreign partners, working with them on joint projects - supply of aviation equipment, combat armored vehicles and military equipment to third countries. The company’s competitiveness is determined by the highly skilled and experienced team formed. Official status The company has a Full license for the performance of Exports, Imports and transfer of weapons, Certificate of registration for brokeringactivities with weapons between two third parties and Certificate of registration for exports and transfer of products and technologies with dual purpose. These licenses are issued by the competent Bulgarian state authority on the basis of results achieved, commercial integrity and strict compliance with the requirements for this specific activities. Occupation of the Company Company “Jotov&Son” Ltd. takes serious place in the current economic life of Bulgaria. Upon its professional contacts with the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria and other institutions in the country and abroad, the company successfully solves the tasks set and harmonizes its policies in accordance with their needs and goals.

The management of the company actively participates in the intergovernmental economic committees, in the work of various Bulgarian governmental and business delegations, takes part in other events at home and abroad.

Company “Jotov&Son” Ltd. regularly participates in the annual meetings of the Aicraft manufacturers and aviation repair plants in the European countries, in the International Defense Equipment Exhibition "Hemus" in Plovdiv, in many other special events throughout the world.

Our partners as a result of the expansion of the company and the areas of its international cooperation, “Jotov&Son” Ltd. has partnerships and business relations with companies from more than twenty countries around the world. Thanks to the good contacts with Western European defence industry manufacturers and distributors, our company works on projects for joint production and supply of various complete sets of equipment.

This we succeed to perform on the basis of the modern high-tech installations of the Bulgarian military factories and the highly qualified engineers and specialists working in them. Future projects The company's strategy aims to keep and expand its presence on the Bulgarian and the international markets, making direct deliveries, participating in tenders organized by the Ministries of Defense and other institutions in the country and abroad. In its work on these projects, the company maintains active contacts with American, Western European and Russian manufacturers of military equipment under Western standards and gradually expands its contacts and positions. As a result of the many qualitative and specific projects duly completed, “Jotov&Son” Ltd is a well known company prefered to supply of goods and services not only for the aviation sector, but for all the needs of the defense and security sectors, as well.

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